September 11, 2012

day trip: Koh Kret

Maenam koh = River island

After a lazy weekend of eating overpriced Ben and Jerry's and watching terrible TV it was time for me to get off of the couch and finally check out an urban island located in my province about 20 km away. Last week I met up with a fellow blogger who moved to Thailand recently and we decided to check out this island, Koh Kret. To get here, just tell your taxi driver Pak Kret or Koh Kret. Then you can take a short (like 1 minute and costs 2 baht literally) boat ride to the island in the middle of the Chao Phraya river. 

A great way to spend a day off in Bangkok, walking around looking at all the goods for sale, trying some unique foods and taking in the nature! You can rent bikes but we ended up walking the 6km around the island and enjoying all the greenery. The island is full of residents living in houses on stilts, Thai families outside trying to stay out of the sun and very few foreign tourists. 

 Like everywhere in Thailand, there were coffee shops serving up cheap coffee and Thai teas but Koh Kret adds their own special touch. For 30 baht (1 USD) you can get your drink AND they give it to you in a pot of your choice. It has a rope to hold it while you walk around and enjoy your cold beverage. I don't think I have ever enjoyed my chai manao (Thai tea with lime) so much!

new friends!
Spirit House

I wish I lived here

butterflies everywhere!

The island is known for its Mon pottery, this is an old urn in one of the pottery villages. 

I would recommend a day trip to visit Koh Kret if you are looking for something a little different and off the tourist track. Technically this is another sweet thing to do in Nonthaburi, but it is so close to the city, you wouldn't even realize you weren't in Bangkok anymore. It is a quaint area, while reasonable prices, lots of pretty views of the river and fresh(er) air! Seems that everything happens there during the day, around 5 pm everyone seems to be packing up to head back and we never got a straight answer about when the last ferry back was.

Living in the city can get old sometimes, its always nice to have a peaceful place you can escape the crowds and concrete. It's even better when you have new friends to explore with and I hope to be seeing a lot more of this city in the coming months as long as it doesn't flood!


  1. Hi.. I'm Michelle's dad Daveo. I just read about your recent day trip. It sounded like fun. The pictures were great. It's always good to get out of a big city and chill out in a quiet beautiful place. Michelle said that she had awesome food called Kao Soi.
    I read more of your blog and it seems like you are having a wonderful few years in Asia.. good for you. What a great experience you are having. You have so many adventures it will take me awhile to read about them. What I read so far is very interesting and informative. You are an excellent writer. I am now a new subscriber to One Day I'll Fly Away.

  2. I would reblog this on my blog but I can't figure out how!!

  3. haha i don't know either! write your own :)

  4. Welcome Daveo! Thanks for writing, I am glad to have met your very cool daughter :)

    Thanks for reading my blog, living in Asia has been an experience for sure... its amazing how much my perspective on life has changed! Thanks again for the kind words and for sharing Michelle with Thailand...always great to have new followers on the blog, hope you enjoy! Have a great day!


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