My travel hopes and dreams!

2.Volunteer abroad
3.Get my masters in International education 
4.Eat curry in India    (at least 50 bowls of it, Nov.Dec 2015)
5.Bike around Angkor Wat  (June 2013)
6.See Halong Bay (August 2011)
7.Meditatation retreat 
8.Shop in NYC
9.Touch the Pyramids
10.African Safari
11.Swim in every ocean
12.Zipline through the jungles in Chiang Mai (April 2012)
13.Get married on the beach  (Haad Yuan, August 10, 2012)
14.Jump off of a bridge  (Korea,June 2011)
15.Yoga retreat in Northern India
16.Visit the Taj Mahal (November, 2015)
17.Carnival in Brazil
18.Smoke in Amsterdam
19.KPOP concert  (June 2011)
20.Get scuba certified (or at least try it!) Update: tried it, Perhentian Islands LOVED IT!
21.Climb the Great Wall of China
22.O den in Laos
23.Drive up Highway 1 in California  (April 2009)
24.Burning Man
25.Full Moon Party, Thailand  (November 2012)
26.Live in South America
27.Adopt an Asian child
28.Songkran in Thailand
29.Buy first ticket available out of the country when arriving at the airport.
30.Skinny dipping in a warm ocean
31.Solo travelling  (Northern Thailand, 2014)
32.Cliff diving  (Philippines,November 2012)
33.Visit the Korean DMZ  (North/South Korea, May 2012)
34.Boating through the canals of Venice
35.Play with elephants  (Koh Chang, October 2012)
36.See the Grand Canyon  (again, I went once but during a snow storm...)
37.Take the Bus from Hanoi to HoChiMin  (August, 2011)
38.Luxury vacation in Seychelles, Maldives, Fiji..... 
39.Hang out with some Pandas
40.See the Nutcracker with my mom in Russia :)
41.Eat frog legs in France!
42.Watch the sunrise over the strip in Las Vegas!  (Jan. 2013)
43.Homestay volunteer/farming in SE Asia
44.Fly first class internationally
45.Write a book
46.See a Broadway show in NYC
47.Transiberian railroad
48.Become location independent

49.Go to all the countries in SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, The Philippines)
50. Relax in Santorini, Greece.
51. Hiking in Glacier National Park 
52. Camping with friends in Banff National Park, Canada


  1. 40. See the Nutcracker with mom in Russia

  2. Beautiful list and you already accomplished a lot :) Go on!


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