One Day I'll Fly Away

Just your everyday, blonde cliche, American girl trying to find herself and see as much of this crazy world we live in, before it disappears. I am constantly planning my next adventure, always dreaming of far off exotic places only to get there and realize that people are people and life is lived just the same, only different. I love to head off and start anew, knowing I can always fly away and do it all again when the time comes.

With no money in my bank account and student loans breathing down my neck, I have a BA in who-gives-a-shit and a (very handsome) supportive husband in tote. My big girl dream is to be a writer that gets paid to travel (but who wouldn't want that?) and my passion is psychology, people are so interesting! In the mean time, I am teaching English as a second language (currently at an International kindergarten near Bangkok, Thailand) and trying to relish every minute of it, since honestly I get paid to play with cute kids and practice the ABC's. More traveling and eventually graduate school are my imminent future, but I am a terrible planner so I will just take it one day at a time for now.

I am a big fan of parenthesis (obviously) and am developing my writing style slowly, trying to catch the magic the first time it is thought in my head (it is NEVER as good as the first time). It's not always easy living a wandering existence, but now I know how lucky I really am.  This blog is an outlet for an uncreative traveler who is trying to understand herself and figure out what she was put on this planet to do. Bear with me.

with peace,