June 12, 2012

rainy season

It is upon us.

It feels like all I talked about in Korea was the weather, the cold and changing seasons affected my life in such a way I could barely handle it. Here in Thailand, the temperature is pretty much always warm so there is not much to talk about. I am able to live my life in the heat (or in the air con), with only the occasional complaint (dry heat is much different than humidity, I finally understand.) Yes, I may sweat all the time and  have to plan my day around not driving my motorbike in the late afternoon but I would rather be hot than cold any day.

There are 3 official seasons in Thailand. Hot, Cool and Rainy. For about a month now, every afternoon around 5 or 6, the rains begin. They begin suddenly, although I am getting good at reading the signs. The sky turns a dark gray and the wind begins to blow the palm trees, gradually getting stronger. The soi dogs head for cover and then it starts. A sudden downpour of water from the sky and just when you think it couldn't possibly rain any harder, the sound on the tin roof becomes louder and you can't see further than a few feet ahead. This lasts between 20 minutes to an hour. It has become my favorite time of the day, as it means work is over and I can just sit and enjoy the storm outside from the comfort of my living room.

Just as quickly as it begins, it is over. The air has a fresh smell to it and the sky seems to glow with the setting sun. Except for the flooded streets, you might not know of the recent downpour in the calm after the storm. The humidity in the air returns, night falls and the street is busy once again.

Rainy season in Thailand also means flood season. In my opinion, it is not a matter of if the floods will come this year, but when and how bad. It seems there has been no preparation or precautions taken to prevent another disaster in this area of the country. The flooding has already begun in the northern parts of Thailand and that is just how it began last year. At least this year I will know what to expect, which is that anything can happen. This is why I can't plan out more than 6 months of my life in advance, I live in Thailand...


  1. I love the idea of rain signifying the end of the workday :) Get all that work stress washed away in time for the afternoon!!

    1. It is a good way to think about it and get my mind off how muggy it is :)

  2. Hey Ellie, I'm heading to Thailand to start teaching English soon as well and I just wanted to let you know your blog has been a really great resource for me! I know there will still be a ton of things I didn't expect but it's nice to have some sort of idea, amorphous as that idea may be, of what to look forward to. In the same vein, I'm comforted to know there is something sort of enjoyable about the rainy season since I will be arriving in the midst of it.

    1. Thanks for the comment mishvo, I am really happy to know that my writing is helping others! You have the perfect mindset, to remember that obviously your experience will be different, but it is always good to be prepared. Would love to meet up when you get to Thailand, good luck with the move and preparations. Thanks again for reading :)

    2. You're very welcome and I'll keep you posted after the move in July - would love to meet up since I won't know a single soul there...!

  3. We have hardly had any rain in Korea! Farmers are getting pretty worried.

    Those floods you experienced last year were unbelievable. Hope Mother Earth goes easy on Thailand this year.

  4. I'm the same as you, I'd much rather be warm (or too hot) than cold at all. How are you finding teaching English in Thailand vs Korea - what's the pay differences like? I'll hunt through your blog to see if I can find these answers myself!

  5. Hope you get some rain soon, Alyssa! I hear its been a hot summer so far...

    Izy, check out my blog on ajarn.com http://www.ajarn.com/blogs/elizabeth-frantz-larson/thailand-vs-korea/ for specifics about my job here and in South Korea. You make much more in Korea, for less work. If you want to come to Thailand, make sure you live by the beach and take a lower paying, less stress job, you will be much happier!


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