May 31, 2012

happy news

It has been a busy month in my world with lots of new frontiers forged in real life and with my blog! I have a featured blog on where I will be writing about my life in Thailand and this weekend I will be beach side for the long weekend in Hua Hin. I am doing my first, real "getting paid" to travel from my blog, staying at a cute boutique resort on the beach with Roomorama (review and blog to come but so far booking the room was super easy!) My writing brings me peace and happiness and is also starting to pay off! Thanks to all my friends and readers for following and supporting me on my journey through life!

I also want to share some other news... Eric and I signed official marriage papers here so we can be together in Thailand. This doesn't really come as a surprise I suppose since we have been engaged for a while now and even my brother was bored by the news, but needless to say, it is pretty exciting for me! The visa situation here is beyond ludicrous (we are going to immigration, yet again, today!) and it was much easier to just sign the papers now so we can stay with each other.

We are doing things a little different but I am liking the idea of having all of our "wedding" things out of order. Soon we are getting engagement photos and then having a bachelor/ette party (because I am most looking forward to this part..One night in Bangkok.) We will have a real wedding eventually but I am very fed up with how overpriced everything is and have no desire to be a broke, stressed out bride (and technically I am already a wife.) Basically our whole life is one long honeymoon but we are still deciding if we will be beach bums in Malaysia or jungle trekkers in Laos to celebrate our first big trip as a married couple. We have never been the typical cutesy couple but I think eloping in Thailand and spending our life together celebrating our love, not just one day, is hopelessly romantic and just perfect. (I do want my pretty dress and my princess day but if living abroad has taught me anything, it is patience.)

Here are some pictures of us at the local office near our house, signing our marriage certificate which is ALL in Thai, I have to go get it translated into English, even our names were written in Thai. Awesome.

Again, thanks for reading my ramblings and start saving to buy me a wedding present for when we actually have a wedding in like five years...

Much love,
 Elizabeth Frantz-Larson


  1. OMG those shirts are SO cute!! Congratulations!! xx :)

  2. Love your shirts! I am all for the non-traditional marriage things, I say do whatever works for you. Congrats!

  3. Thanks so much girls!

  4. AHHH!!! You're official. Congrats dude! I'm so happy for both of you, make sure to tell Eric congrats as well... Not just say you will and never show him like my xmas card to you two. HAHA! Ps the shirts are really badass. Love it! Hope to see you both soon :)

  5. "!AWwww congratulations!! the Best Wishes for you guysss!

  6. wow!really a great news Ellie! I'll be waiting for your wedding post!=)

  7. Thanks Julie, Odeth and Macy :) We are having a small ceremony on the beach on August 10th. will post photos of course :) xoxo


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