November 13, 2011


100, 25, 11, 4 - all important numbers in my life, but just a bunch of digits afterall...
100 - this blog post is a landmark 
25- how old I just turned 
11.11.11 on this day I celebrated my birthday at the full moon party in Thailand 
4 - how many weeks I have been stranded away from home because of the floods. 
And for my hundredth blog post I thought no better way to celebrate these coinciding momentous occasions better than a massive list of things I have learned, not only in the last year but in my short existence on this planet... deep breathe, and... 

1. I am a very lucky person.
2. People are unpredictable..
3. Dryers, hot water and air con are luxuries and American's are spoiled.
4. Racism can manifest in many ways.
5. Fermented foods can be delicious.
6. Asians can be sexy.
7. Everything has a price.
8. For the most part, people are kind but even the most peaceful people can do shitty things.
9. Always negotiate the price before services are rendered.
10. Education makes the world go round.
11. It is the best feeling in the world to be loved and all human interaction revolves around the search for it.

12. I can ride a motor bike on the left side of the road like a pro.
13. Religion and spirituality are completely different concepts.
14. Fall is the best season everywhere.
15. I love shitty pop music, always have, always will.
16. Taking off your shoes inside is polite and clean.
17. Saving face is a important idea in Asian culture which is completely foreign to most westerners.
18. Being the minority gives you a different point of view when it comes to your own beliefs.
19. While our culture dictates how we should act, it cannot stop a wandering soul.
20 . Friends come and go, and life goes on.
21. A smile can change everything.
22. We all have the same needs for life, yet act like we are different.
23. I am not 22 anymore but I can still party like I am (but only on the weekends)
24. The innocence of childhood gives me hope for the future.
25. Money doesn't make you happy, it only complicates life further.
26. The beach makes everyone smile, no matter who you are.
27. Never put your money and passport in the same place.
28. Having English as your first language is a gift too many take for granted.
29. Watching a child learn because of something you did is the most satisfying feeling.
30. No, with a smile, usually means yes.
31. Rice alcohol is the worst hangover.
32. Asking for directions is usually going to get you lost.
33. Always wear sunscreen.
34. Coke out of a bottle is better.
35. Beautiful women are not always women.
36. Sex and money make the rules.
37. 8 hour bus rides always take 12.
38. 7/11 is like a beacon of hope at 4 am.
39. Peeing over a squatter toilet is much easier.
40. People actually eat chicken feet.
41. Motorbikes are my preferred mode of transport.
42. Avacado ice cream is delicious.
43. Never trust a guy trying to sell you weed on the street.
44. North Korean beer is better than South Korean.
45. Soi dogs on the beach are much nicer than in Bangkok.
46. Koreans are efficient.
47. Do not condone illegal or unethical treatment of animals by paying them any money.. (learned this one the hard way.)
48. When the floods come, get out.
49. Thai spicy is different than Korean spicy. Way different.
50. US currency is boring and ugly.
51. Traveling is way more fun when you don't plan anything.
52. Always use the lock box.
53. Forums and travel sites can be useful but are full of assholes.
54. As a traveler, tourists annoy me.
55. Museums are boring, head to the streets for real culture.
56. Street food is ALWAYS the best.
57. Beer is always served best with a snack and ice.
58. Medical services in Asia are amazing, catch up USA.
59. Skype and facebook make living far away not so hard.
60. A little alone time is good medicine.
61. Go with the flow, it will make your life much more enjoyable.
62. How to wai properly.
63. Chopsticks are underrated.
64. These days one can find peanut butter anywhere.
65. America is the only place in the world where you have to pay when someone calls you on your cell phone, I never even thought about it until I realized I didn't have to here, WTF?
66.Mushroom mountian is the place to be.
67. Gap year dudes, ugh.
68.Being overly nice will help you in the long haul of life.
69. Quitting smoking in Asia is very very hard.
70. You can find a job teaching English in any country in the world.
71. My favorite place in the world is anywhere next to the person I love.
72. Getting out makes me appreciate home so much more.
73. Hammocks are the best thing ever created.
74. Flying internationally makes me feel rich.
76. How to speak a little bit of korean and hopefully lots of thai!
77. I miss my friends back home more than I can express!
78. Writing is a great outlet for me.
79. Family will be there through thick and thin.
80. Don't sweat the small stuff, easier said than done.
81. When I am ready to go back to school I want to study the psychology of people and culture. One day...
82. Doing it the way the locals do is usually the best way.
83. It is way too easy to forget birthdays
84. Animals make life fuller.
85. It is hard to think of 100 things in hindsight.
86. Life is short. Enjoy every moment.
87. You can travel anywhere by reading a book.
88. My dad will be everywhere, always with me.
89. Tattoos really are addictive.

90. Couch surfing - if you don't know you should! Bringing the world together!
91. How to write an execute a pretty damn good lesson plan.
92. Monsoons are a serious force in Asia.. And beautiful to witness.
93. I will never be able to see everything in the world nor know everything.
94. Hate, jealousy and resentment are useless emotions.
95. There is no "most beautiful" place in the worked. Everything has beauty if you can see it.
96. There is no where on the planet I don't want to go.
97. Chocolate milk is the nectar of the gods.
98. You can get anything you need at a 7/11.
99. 10 dollar bungalows are better than a resort even if I were loaded.
100. I love love love Asia!

If you read all those, well thanks for your dedication, you are an awesome person :) The amount I have learned in my short life time is obviously immeasurable but thinking back on the past is always fun! Be well friends, xo.


  1. Love this. You're a beautiful person, friend and LOVA!

    Miss ya like crazy!

  2. I agree with so much of what you write! Also: Coke out of a glass bottle? Why does it always taste better?! Hope Thailand is treating you well, are you back in Bangkok now or still evacuated?

  3. Haha, I wish I knew why coke out of the glass bottle tasted better, maybe its all in my head but it really does to me! Still evacuated but almost dry now, ready to get back to work!! Missin Korea, like always, hope your enjoying it :)

  4. hi liz!haven't check your site in a while..looks like your doing great there. i love this post. i've also written a list of things i learned but it's just 1-21. hehe. i agree with all these. street foods are definitely the best snack.asians are truly sexy (asian here =D) i wish we have fall here too!facebook is a good way to connect with families abroad.and totally agree with 71 and 79!

  5. Thanks Macy, your post actually inspired me :) xox

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