November 8, 2011


Week three of hiding out from Bangkok from the flooding and boy are we lucky. We got out of our house just in time and the water is up to the knee INSIDE our house. So my little weekend away, when I didn't take any precaution or plan at all for a flood has now turned into a good month and has ruined anything I left on the floor of my apartment, which if you know me, was probably a lot. Good excuse to go shopping I guess? We have really have no idea when the waters will recede and we can return to school so we have been enjoying this early vacation since I won't be getting one in December now, needless to say. When life gives you floods, give yourself a holiday!

The ocean is warm, the beer is cold and the ladyboys are hot, what is not to love about Thailand! Now we are on Koh Samui, staying in bungalows right on the beach for 300 baht (or 10 USD) a night. If your heading to Mae Nam beach anytime soon, I highly recommend Ubon Villa Beach Bungalow (phone: 66.77425414 or email it has been our home away from home (away from our real home) for over a week now and I don't want to leave. So since I have been such a terrible blogger these last few months (I have been doing so much there is hardly time to remember and write it all down!) here are some pictures of what we have been up to down here... starting saving your money friends, your gonna wanna come visit!


Koh Samed

Muay Thai fighting

fire dancing

lanterns on the beach

yummy homemade Thai food

new friends

BBQ on the beach




naps on the beach

best corn around

more BBQ on the beach

vine swing

home away from home

lady boys

So that pretty much sums up (more or less) what we have been up to while we are flooded out of Bangkok. Hopefully we will be able to return soon, but if not, well I am sure we will figure something out!


  1. Fire dancing looks amazing! Cute dog sleeping on the flip-flop, what I wouldn't give to be curled up on the beach! Can't believe that's a ladyboy either!!

  2. I know right, she was soo beautiful! Thailand is amazing, but somehow I am over vacation!?

  3. i wanna try that vine swing too! =) the best weekend getaway is to spend it on the beach with loved ones..i'll be on the beach too this weekend..yey!glad you had fun! =)


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