June 2, 2014

with locals

It is amazing how things fall into place and certain things happen at exactly the right time, exactly when you need it. That was my experience using With Locals, an interesting new way to meet local people when you travel, or even when you are living somewhere, like me. The universe lined up to make it happen and right when I was feeling it was time to do something about my eating habits, I met some amazing new people that really inspired me to make a change and had a wonderful experience as well!

From first glance at their profile, I knew Bank and Mandy would be very interesting people for a dinner date, I was a bit apprehensive about going to someones home and making 'small talk' but we felt comfortable and had no problem enjoying their company! There apartment was very near to ours and easily reached by the BTS and immediately I loved the charm of their building (unlike our cookie cutter modern one.) We were warmly welcomed into their home and taken to the dreamy patio area I was so looking forward to chilling on! It is the patio of dreams, with an amazing view, all kinds of veggies, herbs and greenery growing around you and comfy chairs where hours of deep conversation can be had.

Bank was an amazing cook and everything we ate was spectacular! So fresh and unique, I got to try many dishes I have never had, even though I have lived in Thailand for 3 years. We had an amazing banana leaf salad that had so much flavor and great textures working together. Everything we ate was either from the local market or grown in their urban garden. It was such a pleasant evening learning from the master chef how to prepare some of the dishes and talking with both about their passions, permaculture and healthy eating. It was wonderful talking about these ideas with people who really do care about their food and who have so much knowledge to share. Both Bank and Mandy were so easy to talk to and conversation came easily, we felt like friends by the end of the evening (and I learned lots as well!)

I did not have a camera to do any of the food justice but the lovely Mandy sent me some snaps she took. We very much enjoyed the breezy evening with amazing food, great company and a wonderful experience using With Locals. I recommend anyone coming to Bangkok and looking for a more local and authentic experience to check out With Locals and visit Bank and Mandy's Dine Thai. I can't wait to try again on my next trip and am excited to spend a week on a permaculture farm in northern Thailand that our hosts told us all about. I may not believe in a 'god' but I sure do know the universe always gives you what you need. Many thanks to Bank and Mandy for the spectacular Thai meal and wonderful hospitality! 


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