November 24, 2012


My students had a really hard time pronouncing the ceremony they were in on Friday morning at my school yet they looked as if they were taking stage at Harvard Graduation rather than just a kindergarten graduation from Little Dragon's International School. Honestly though, it was a super adorable day with lots of photo opportunities and I got a little emotional as I looked at them all squirm uncomfortably in the big, heavy gowns and hats, knowing I won't see them everyday, all day like I have for the past year (but only a little.) They had a very cute ceremony (Thai style of course) for the students and everyone was very excited and sweaty!

I made a cute video of my students from the whole year and the crowd was quiet while it showed at the beginning of the ceremony. Mostly though because Thai people seem to be terrible at showing appropriate displays of emotion in public. (I know that seems a harsh judgement but while watching the latest Twilight they laughed at such bizarre times and I must have not understood what was going on or can't understand English anymore.) Anyways, here is the video and if you don't "aww" or giggle at least once during this video than I am not sure what is wrong with people these days...

After a few brief speeches, the kids took the stage and I got to move their tassle to show they had graduated, whatever that means. It was a photo opportunity like no other and the picture happy Asian crowd went nuts. And so did I, guess I am really am Asian.  They are just too freakin cute!

Yeah, I pick favorites whatever. Look at that face!

Their gowns were 100 times nicer than my University one...

haha i love this picture!

So formal, he looks so grown up!

I'm the high fivin' kinda teacher.

Tired after a long morning... 

So proud of my students and happy I got to teach and get to know them this year. I told them all they had to look me up if they ever traveled to American when they are adults. Weird. I can't imagine them being my age, but they will be, before they know it. I will miss them a lot and hope they enjoy the ride! On to new things for them and Miss Ellie!

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  1. Awww...they are so cute!! And those gowns!!

  2. they were pretty adorbs. and seriously, they were so uncomfortable and hot in the gowns, but that made it even cuter!

  3. Those gowns are nicer than the ones I had at both my high school AND college graduation. I'm slightly jealous.

  4. I know! Thats what I kept saying, way nicer than my uni graduation ones! haha.. oh geez...

  5. Sooo fricken cute Ellie teacher!!!


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