August 15, 2012


Two years, 24 months, 730 days, 1,051,200 minutes, or 63,072,000 seconds.

From today exactly. Two years ago, or 730 days ago, I was sitting aboard Korean Air on my way to live in South Korea for a year. I had no idea what to expect. I can remember how excited I was, it was my first intercontinental trip and I could not get over how yummy the food was and how beautiful the flight attendants were. I couldn't have begun to understand what was in store for me. Currently I am sitting on a beach, without a care in the world.  I like where life has taken me.

Over the past two years, I have learned more than I ever thought possible, met so many amazing people from all walks of life, seen things that I could never have imagined and fallen in love with the world. I have documented it all here on my blog, it has been such a great way to connect with old friends from back home and new ones all over the globe. Mostly, I love looking back and reading about my struggles, adventures and  accomplishments over the years. It has flown by, but I feel like a different person and its amazing to reread the process.

Even when I have a bad day, or bad week, I have remember that you don't get what you want without working for it. Nothing will be perfect, shit will be hard, stuff is gonna happen that I can't control, I'm gonna make mistakes and I have a lot to learn. I can't expect that things will be given to me, I have to suck it up sometimes, take control and do what I want to do. Everything I do in life will have an impact on who I become a never-ending evolution... With all this reflection I have done over the past several weeks, I know I have come very far, but I still have a long journey ahead of me.

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

I miss you America, that's why I moved away. I wanted to be able to appreciate my home and after 2 years I am almost there, (we will see how this election goes...) almost ready to get back to "normal" life, although I am more scared to go home than I was to leave. My outlook has changed so much, reality will never be the same. When the time is right, I'll leave all this behind and return to my home, which I can finally fondly call it.

Today I am sitting on a beach somewhere in the Gulf of Thailand, basking in the sun with my new husband. I am far away from that girl that stared wide eyed at the tall buildings that made up the Asian megacity, I am so much closer to paradise.

Wishing my loved ones happiness on your journey, wherever you may be!

(PS. Check out the interview I did at Battered Suitcases - read it here! Thanks for having me Jill! :)

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