July 23, 2012

sabai sabai

Lately I have been a bit down about Thailand, the culture, my life here and what I am doing. Today, maybe I am just in a really great mood or something, but I think it is important to reflect on the positives in Thailand and in life.  While I may have some frustrations from time to time, every day is truly a gift. 

These guys.

The beautiful wedding I am having in less than a month.

The food here is beyond delicious and super cheap!

Everyday is hot. I HATE being cold. So even though I sweat all day, I kinda prefer it, if I'm honest.

I can travel 3 hours and be here. Or 10 and be here. Basically my long weekends are most peoples' epic vacations.

I am with my best friend everyday.
I have many wonderful, beautiful friends from unique walks of life, here and scattered across the globe.

I have a job. No matter what happens, I will be able to feed myself. I am employable here. Not so much at home, but here, very much so. 
Thailand is a rich culture, with many beautiful aspects, while some are hard to understand, others like being resourceful, non violent, honest and hardworking make you have a lot of respect for thier ideals.

The Thai people are very accepting of people for who you are, when they stare, it is never out of judgement. I love the general acceptance of gay people, lesbians, and transsexuals. While they may not be at the top of the ladder in this class system, they are allowed to be who they are in peace. 

The imported food selection here is amazing. Tonight is Korean curry night with kimchi from Korea. Nice-ah.

Sabai, Sabai - Mai pen rai - The Thai language has a lot of really great common phrases that literally translate to "It's all good!" and "No problem!" They say these things all the time and for the most part it really shines through in their actions as well.

When you get away from the city and tourist traps, that's where you'll find the land of smiles!

Yeah, maybe I don't have "freedom" of speech and maybe I pay taxes in a higher income bracket regardless that how much I am making is considered poverty in most places. Doesn't seem like America is doing much better at this point. My daily life is normal, yet exciting. Mundane and unique at the same time. I've gotta learn to appreciate everything in my life. I am so lucky. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today, I will enjoy.

Be well!


  1. I think I have pretty good freedom of speech in Thailand. We're only prohibited from talking about ONE thing, and anything else you say about a topic, no matter how touchy, is taken with less offense than anywhere else I've been. Not perfect, no, but it's totally livable.

  2. Yes, I understand what you mean, it just seems in my experience that when trying to talk about politics or some other touchy subjects, it is hard to get Thai people to open up about it, even if we are close. And of course, I wanna talk about that ONE thing in length and try to understand it but I can't even write about the subject on my blog without getting comments telling me to be careful. It is just still weird to me!

    Thanks for the comment!


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