May 22, 2012

feeling fruity

Lately some of my new favorite fruits from the market are in season and you can buy 1 kilo of many fresh, sweet delicacies for about a dollar. Fruit really is natures candy and I grew up with summers full of fresh pears, cherry's and apples from the orchards near my town, some of my fondest memories of home. Thailand also has some amazing fruits, most that I have never heard of and want to share with fellow fruities! These are some of my favorites (and I am not including the infamous, Durian, because I think it really does taste like it smells... nasty!) that may look a little weird but are beyond delicious!

Mangosteen - fleshy, sweet like a passion fruit. I could eat these all day!

Longon - a new one to me, they come in little bunches like grapes, have a ugly hard exterior and a tangy sweet surprise inside with little seeds.

 Rambutan  - This one looks SO cool, they remind me of a fruit from Dr. Suess land. You peel off the bizarre outer later and inside its a little like a fruit snack. (There is a seed inside that is sometimes hard to disconnect from the fruit)

Rose Apple - or Shampu in Thai - Kinda like if an apple and pear had sexy time, very refreshing!


  1. I've been wondering the name of that last one for a long time. Thanks for clearing that up! Of those my favorite is definitely mangosteen. I learned that I do not like longon the hard way... by sampling one in public with no where to spit it out! ;)

    1. We eat a lot of fruit at school so I get to try a lot and learn the names... longon can be a surprise if you don't know what to expect :) Thanks for the comment!

  2. YESSSS I love this. One of the best things about SE Asia is all that great fruit...and so cheap!! :9

  3. i love mangosteen and didnt u try the KING OF FRUITS - the durian??!!

    1. Yes I have tried durian and I am not a fan! I also really hate how it makes grocery stores smell bad :)

  4. Replies
    1. They really are, sometimes so weird looking but always a yummy surprise inside!

  5. These look so interesting! I have tried longon; there's a Korean restaurant that I frequent that often serves these as dessert! :D

    1. Oh cool, would be yummy after some spicy kimchi :)

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