April 26, 2012

Songkran 2012

It's the biggest organized water fight in the world between thousands of adults. It's very wet, very drunk, a little bit dirty (they used moat water in Chiang Mai) and a LOT of fun! Songkran is the Thai New Year making it now 2555 - or song ha ha ha in Thai - since the calendar here starts at the enlightenment of Buddha (turns out the Buddha has been doing his thing for a lot longer than Jesus.) A full 5 days of extreme water fighting is a damn good time but also very tiring too, pretty much everyone is sick now. Some people like to put ice into the water (which in my opinion it ruins all the fun) and being so cold when it is so hot outside is bad for health... man, my English is really terrible now that I speak broken language all the time, no one actually says "bad for health" in the real English speaking world, right? I can barely remember...

Anyway, check out my (very first!) iMovie I made (but really its mostly pictures... it was dangerous camera action), lots to learn but it is SO much fun to work with!

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  1. I was in Thailand just before Songkran this year. I wish I had timed my trip a bit better. It looks like an incredible festival to be a part of.


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