July 6, 2011

the north.

My time is dwindling quickly here in South Korea and I am trying to do everything before I leave, a big one on my list being North Korea, or the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone). Some friends and I booked the tour with the USO specifically so we could go to the JSA (Joint Security Area, you know how the military love their acronyms) which is where South Korea, North Korean and American troops occupy and have been in a tense stand off for over 50 years. We got to see North Korea up close, stand in the room which is half in the South and half in the North and experience one side of the story (apparently when the North gives tours of the area, they have a different version, weird.) It was a day that words cannot do justice, something you must see for yourself to fully understand, so I won't try here.. but some pictures to give you an idea. 

For me, what really hit home was that North Korean people are the same as their southern relatives, all kimchi eating, soju drinking, Hanguel speaking Koreans. Yet there is so much hatred between the two, they are no longer one race of people and this is an interesting yet sad fact about the peninsula. "You are human, and I am human." 

Can't we just all get along?

The best tourist attraction in Korea!
They explained the reason for standing facing the wall, but I don't remember it, either way it is kinda funny..
Guarding the door to North Korea, I was so tempted to try and go through it, just so that I could get attacked by a soldier and have a good story! 

I'm standing in South Korea, taking a picture of North Korea.

North Korean village, we were told it is basically like a movie set with lots of nice buildings, but no one living there, pretty creepy. 
Bridge of No Return
Wish I could have taken a better picture of the DPRK and its beautiful scenery, but  shoot past this line and a guard will  delete the photo. 
Next Holiday??
The subway that goes nowhere...
North Korean beer is so much better than Cass...

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