July 11, 2011

extra baggage

It's absolutely crazy how much shit I have accumulated in the past year. Like mind-boggling. Why, oh WHY did I need that stupid mask for Halloween, the yoga mat that I rarely used since my gym already had some there, 10 different blankets/pads for my bed, the art supplies I HAD to have for school, or the countless random pieces of clothing that I deemed necessary for my life to be complete. In the final weeks of my stay here in Korea, I am already trying to get rid of the stuff I used only once and have no real need for on my travels and the winter clothes and coats that were valuable here during the winter months but will thankfully not be needed again. I knew this was not a permanent home and while most of my purchases were not totally frivolous, lesson learned, you can't take it with you.
This last month is Seoul is going to be bitter sweet for me, excited to be traveling for 2 months but will be sad to leave this little Asian peninsula I have called home for the past year. There have been days when I want nothing to do with Korea and there have been days when I can't get enough of it; its a love/hate relationship, living abroad, mostly love but its not always what it is cracked up to be. Thinking about the things I will miss here makes me a little emotional, although I am so excited to see Eric and explore together, he can't fill the void of kimchi as much as he might try :)

Life is all about new beginnings, we all make decisions and live with them but we always get the chance to start again fresh. Moving to Korea is the best decision I have ever made, I am finally realizing my dream and am never looking back. I'll learn many important lessons along the way, (ie. how to live simply so that packing is never again this stressful!) and each day start anew, improving myself and my life and hopefully the world.

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