February 23, 2011

you know what really grinds my gears...

Got a manicure yesterday, I have such a pretty ring on my finger now I figured my hands deserved it. Messed it up in the first hour.

Deskwarming for two hours each day this week. Waking up and coming into an empty school only to watch movies and shop online. And of course I miss the principal by 2 minutes when she goes to lunch so I have to stay until she will sign me out. Enjoy your kimchi adjuma.

The weather is finally getting beautiful again, spring is peaking its warm little head out. What to do with all my winter clothes now! Won't be needing those Uggs ruined from the black snow in Thailand.

Getting a new coteacher this semester, maybe this one will actually let me have an opinion about what we do in class. probably not.

and another thing. Korea, I am SICK of buying something that should be delicious and salty (ie. chips, chicken wraps, bread) and sweet sugar overcomes my taste buds in the first bite. Pull it together and get your flavors in working order UGH!

Ok, now that I got all that off my chest - going to be a wonderful weekend with great friends and good times to be remembered for a lifetime! Gonna miss Marco something fierce though! Good Luck in Aussie friend!

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  1. i'm not a fan of the sweet stuff, either. have sadly been disappointed by cheese potato chips and crunchy garlic bread (should've been salty, was sweet instead, yuck).


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