February 18, 2011

boredom and blogging > New wordpress blog for your enjoyment!

Been having a long couple weeks deskwarming while the students finished up the end of the the year. My 6th graders all graduated and I got a bit teary as they released balloons into the gray sky at the end of the 2 HOUR ceremony. Not sure if it is because I am going to miss them or for the next English teacher who has to deal with the hellions. Ha, but honestly, for the most part they were great kids and it was nice to be able to watch them with pride as they walked across the stage and actually recognize every one of them. Granted, I couldn't tell you one of their frickin names (horribly embarrassing and shameful but true, Korean names are HARD!) but I knew every single student and appreciated their smile. I wish nothing but the best for this new generation!

So with all the nothing I have been doing lately I have found the time to create another blog (because I really wanted to play with wordpress, its way cool) and it will be dedicated to traveling, teaching and learning. This blog will become more of my personal blog where my new page will consist of traveling advice and experiences, teaching resources and be a bit more professional. If you take a gander at Do it while your young you might discover my secret dream of taking over the world, ahem, I mean writing a travel blog so therefore, that is indeed what I am doing. Travel blog. Thanks for reading my pointless blabbering, it is great to be able to keep in touch with so many miles in between. I will continue you to share my experience here in SK and on my many adventures I am obsessively planning! Much love to you all and may peace be upon you ♥

~ elizabeth


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