December 8, 2010


Its snowing hard here at ShinNamSang Elementary school and the energy can be felt all through the halls.

I miss alot about Arizona (my friends, Target, my car, swimming pools, trees, DVR and Chipotle to name a few)
but the one thing that I LOVE about Seoul that I did not get in the desert is four seasons. Fall was breathtaking and colorful and winter has been cold, cozy and exciting so far!

I am too excited for a holiday season without palm trees (I will get those soon enough after Christmas on my 3 week vacation to the Philippines) and I never thought that crazy notion would enter my head, turns out I am more of a traditional girl than one might have thought!

and its good lunch Wednesday to top it off! What a day!

Much love from Seoul, a city blanketed in white by the end of this post ✵


  1. Would love to see some pics of that sis

  2. It was snowing yesterday in Daejeon also:D

  3. I took some pictures and will post them soon! There is still snow here, it is very icey though...

    I can't wait to visit Daejeon, i hear it is beautiful:)


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