December 15, 2010

too old? Never.

Because of recent events in my life (a scare with the H1N1 virus, which turned out to be the regular old flu, thanks for scaring all my friends away, Doc.) I have been a bit of a homebody, in this tiny box I like to call home anyways. I have been quite sick for some time now, haven't been able to drink because I am so loaded up on medications and its just too damn cold to go outside honestly. The only energy I could muster up this week was to use my newly downloaded [insert illegal torrent downloader here] to find a new obsession seeing they sadly ended Arrested Development on season 3. I am doing winter camps in a couple of weeks and one of the days we are going to watch an English movie - maybe High School Musical or Hannah Montanta, only the best English education for my students - and I thought I would do some 'research' about what I should show.

I am 24 years old (lord have mercy) and was enchanted by Twilight and the Backstreet Boys like the rest of the women who daydream about the perfect romantic vampire scene and surprisingly I am not embarrassed to admit it! Yet the wagon I never jumped on has now recently been mounted and I am hooked. No, its not gay porn, get your mind out of the gutter. I am talking about HARRY POTTER. This recent discovery of what I have been missing all these years has aroused some questions... (Stop thinking about penis' people!)

-Am I too old to just now be starting to enjoy the fairytale wonderland that is Hogwarts? Are you ever too old to pretend?
-And why wasn't MY high school like that? Boo, SHS, you fail.
-I am only on the 3rd movie and all but WHY does poor Harry always have to go back to that awful house with his muggle family? I thought everyone in Europe went on holiday over the summer?
- Are the books better than the movie like normal, because there are a lot of books and I think they would require a good amount of commitment. I do like a good book nerd out session...
- What exactly IS the function of rubber ducks?
- Who would have thought that Miss Hermione would grow up to be such a down to earth fox? And that little HP would grow up to be naked on Broadway! Such is the world I suppose.
- Why can people come up with amazing worlds in the movies but are so awful at real life?

Well, whether or not I am too old or too cool (haha, definitely not) to just be getting into the world wide sensation, it's happening. What can I say, I do it for the kids. Looks like my 6th grade students will be getting a little magic this winter (how do I come up with this stuff!)

And the marathon continues.

Well I am starting the 5th one soon and a couple more thoughts...

- Robert Pattinson is in HP?? I had no idea.. he really is into the tween dream thing I guess...
- Harry annoys me with his bumbling ways and unsteady hand. You are a famous wizard dude, pull your shit together.
- I am attempting to watch them all before I see the new one that comes out in Korea this weekend. Why do I let these things consume my life.
- Cameron, I take back everything mean I have ever said to you. Harry Potter IS cool. (except about you being a whore, that stands. Love you:)

I cannot believe I just blogged about Harry Potter. I need a drink.


  1. Never to old! Allan and I fought over who got the book after the girls went to bed! Enjoy!

  2. "like all the other malleable and desperate ladies out there"

    desperate ey i can help you fix that

  3. "You are a famous wizard dude, pull your shit together." - hilarious! LOL.

  4. I told you you would love them!! Go HP! I read the books after i had seen the movies and still enjoyed them :) Plus you get to find out how it ends....


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