December 6, 2010

Korea's got Seoul.

Feel like a new woman today... with my non-FDA approved medication and an unheard of sick day from school (technically I get 14 paid sick days...) I am feeling better than I have in weeks. After many tests at an international clinic it was determined I have developed bronchitis and asthma from this wonderful Seoul air I breathe. As much as I love to move to uncharted territory, my body cannot handle the stress. Pansy ass immune system, buck up! (pun intended)

On that note, one of my new fave tunes I listen to to pump me up on my walk to school. Its getting cold here in Korea and I gotta dance down the street to keep warm and give all those staring adjumas something to look at:)

Enjoy your fresh start...Happy Monday!


  1. Seoul is probably the best city to have fun and actually really good for any type of recreation. I really love Seoul.

  2. It is a great city, I agree Eleonora! But it is awfully cold these days.....


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