December 1, 2010

getting into the holiday spirit!

I just made my students sing Deck the Halls for my own selfish reasons... So I could laugh as they sing fa lalalalalalala.

and it was hilarious. and i only feel a little bad about abusing my role as teacher for some prejudiced fun:)

I just can't get enough of these cute kids!
**** Today...

--My 2nd grade after school class has become extremely affectionate after I hugged a crying student to console him... they must have all noticed because now I constantly have 15 little kids trying to hug my leg and hold my hand. I could have a worse job... except for the sickness' they keep passing along!

--In another class (6th grade), two girls proceeded to show me their coldsores on their lips and exclaim, Teacha! Sicka! Wouldn't display those too proudly girls :)

--When I asked my 3rd graders, "Where does Santa live?" These were some of the responses:

Europe! In the sky. and my personal favorite... under my bed! hmm I wish :)

♥ Just another day in the life of a Korean English Teacha!

some of my students with their halloween masks!


  1. All I can think of is off 'A Christmas Story' when Ralphie and his family go to the Korean restaurant and the waiters sing "ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra, ra ra" instead of fa lalalala

  2. hye there..just want to be friend with evryone.. do follow me back..thanks..

    p/s: sorry if my english is not good as yours..

  3. Joe - thats why I did it to be honest.. haha my favorite christmas movie!!

    Ashall --- its nice to meet you! Where are you from, your english is very good don't worry :)


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