November 26, 2010


This year, unlike most 4th Thursday's in November, I am thanking God, or whoever is listening for something very unlike me. I am thankful for America.

Yes, its true. I am thankful for the American troops stationed here in Korea who make it possible for me to feel safe walking on the streets of Seoul. I am being serious here people, and if you know me, this is a big deal for me to admit. Thank you brave American soldiers who give me peace of mind when I go to sleep tonight when the world and CNN are telling me to be terrified.

Because to be honest, I am a little bit. My life is just beginning and if it were to suddenly end because Crazy Jung Il is envious of his southern relatives and wants to flex his puny little muscles a little bit, well that is just unfair. Downright rude and I won't stand for it. I am doing big things with my life Mr. Kim and I won't have you going and ruining everything.

So once again, thank you USA, I would like to give you one big HIGH FIVE for protecting me, eric and all the wonderful people here in South Korea. Because of you I am NOT scared, I hold my head high and say BRING IT DPRK, you don't stand a chance!

Now, I will go back to my wine, chocolate and good book, for a little ME Friday night:)


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  1. Greetings.

    I'm thankful that u r "thankful." 2 b honest, I was getting a tad tired of the 'America bashing.' I think my father and uncle Hank might agree w/ me. Please indulge & let me share why I'm thankful & why I love America! (reprinted from "Fall In Love With America - Again; but personalized by me!)

    I love the Bill of Rights - which defines the limits on government. Free speech means u can criticize the government & there is nothing they can do about it, absolute privacy & religious freedom were unique when the Constitution was written & remain rare in the world even 2day.

    I love the rule of law - that it applies 2 us all, no matter our station in life. In America the rich and powerful can & do go to jail from time to time while the least powerful & the poor have the right 2 confront their accusers, the right 2 an attorney, the right 2 remain silent, the right 2 refuse admission to gov't officials wanting 2 enter their home.

    I love capitalism (the greatest economic ism of all.) Wal-Mart started as a one man rural, somewhat rinky-dink operation & grew 2 be the biggest retailer in the world because serving the customer served the business.

    I love that elections in America are contentious, messy, rancorous and maddening, but we vote without fear. And then a peaceful transfer of power takes place and nobody gets shot.

    I love that America was one of the very first nations in the world 2 put an end 2 slavery. The story of slavery in America was no different than anywhere else except that we stopped a lot sooner. That needs to be mentioned whenever the topic comes up.

    I love freedom of religion. I love my religion. I may not love yours or I may be indifferent 2 it. Doesn't matter. It is yours & you are free 2 practice it as long as it stays within the law regarding the rights of your fellow citizens. (I don't really care 4 the sacrificing of virgins on a mountain top-though.)

    I love the upward mobility & self realization that is possible in America. Poor men from towns with no traffic lights have grown up to become president. 1 day a woman will take the job & a person of an ethnic background already did.

    I love how charitable Americans r. Americans give more private money 2 charity than the citizens of any other country. We also give our time & expertise. When we give 2 disaster relief, as we did 4 Katrina, we know that some of it will be mismanaged, we give it anyway.

    I love hot dogs,hamburgers,pancakes & popcorn. American food.

    I love that jazz, the blues, rock & roll, gospel & country music r all American.

    I love that America's voluntary military is voluntary and powerful. Most armies are neither.

    I love all the memorials in DC. But the WWII has this big fountain in the center where groups of school kids laugh and play - carefree & happy. Sitting on the benches, around the fountain u can c older men w/ their veteran hats on watching the children. The kids r so care free because those men fought 4 them. I love that.

    I love that we r free that we have the time & energy 2 invent things like iPods, iPhones, & iPads.

    I love that u & Eric have so many options open 2 u. Your only limitations r 1's u put on yourself.

    I love that America takes care of the world. While we get little or no credit or thanks- often we get only criticism- we still do it. We r always there 2 help w/ all of our resources.

    I love our history. The old fashion kind we learned in school before political correctness. I love all of those dead men, who with all of their own prejudices and flaws, built a nation that affords freedom to us of all colors & creeds 2 a greater degree than, even they might have imagined.

    Wishing u & Eric peace, love & happiness. All our best.

    Blessings, (from whoever is listening).
    Gene & I love u very much.


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