November 24, 2010

Die hard.

With thanksgiving tomorrow (well TECHNICALLY its on Friday because it is an American holiday and here it is Friday when it is Thursday there, catch my drift),I have all the food planned, friends gathering and plans for a celebration of gratitude half way around the world.

Turns out, traditions die hard, even when they are based off the savage American history that has transcended our countries short lifetime. With recent events in Korea, it is even harder to think about a peaceful holiday in a world filled with violence and hate.

You can't live in fear, that is not living and is unacceptable to me. This is a mantra a must say to myself when I think about all the terrible things going on around me. Not only here in Korea, but at home too, the world is a scary, shitty place sometimes. But there is always that beautiful sunset, laughter from a child or a kiss from my true love that makes all the crap less intimidating.

So if engaging in a silly tradition of stuffing myself with mashed potatoes,turkey (actually, turkey is hard to find here so we will be pretending with some rotisserie chickens, turkey tastes pretty much like chicken anyway, am I right?) and pumpkin pie then so be it. It is the simple things in life that will make you forget about potential war and help you distinguish the beauty of existence.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!
-- thoughts for peace in Korea

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