August 2, 2010

goodbye to my second home..

I never thought I would miss the freakishly hot, ugly, materialistic state of Arizona but as I sit here in my mothers ever changing house, I think fondly of my 5 years in Tempe, not as those bad words but as one nice one, home. When I moved there, now it seems like ages ago, I was a different person than I am today, it is the place where I grew up, where I became a mature person, met the love of my life and the best friends you could find in ASU's melting pot of the same people:)

I won't lie, I cried a little while I was leaving, mostly because there was a monsoon and I have always been terrified of flying during one, but also because that is not how I remember Arizona, the sunshine state. And as the plane took off, I jammed to goodbye my lover by james blunt and it seemed more than appropriate. My love affair with mill ave., daily drinking, eating out somewhere different everyday, not knowing the people next door or even at most the bars I went to, laying out in the pool year around, splifs with my boy in the convertible, and a target 5 minutes away in every direction, is over.

A wise mother once said that when the future is unsure and scary, your past seems to look more appealing, even better than it was while it was the present. While I loved Arizona while I was there, being gone from there makes my imminent future in Asia all the more real and my comfort zone is sounds pretty nice about now. Especially with all the changes at a place that should stay the same,(gasp, a store in Carson!!?) Too much change is a good thing for me, keeps me happy and content with a life I cannot find a reason for. As I keep chasing this uncatchable notion, Arizona will always hold a special place in my heart, where my closest friends became adults with me and where the sun will shine eternally.

Even though I am sure no one reads my blog lol, A quick shout out to all my friends that made Arizona amazing and my last couple weeks pretty epic:'

**Cameron and Courtney, your the only goodbyes that made me cry!).
**My Kona Grill Gilbert Homies, Kristian, Shanna, Kevyn, Ginny, Syd and the rest- best party ever, seriously I love you guys, thanks sooo much! I miss you and good luck!
**Ted, Kim, Torrey and the fam -- thank you so much for all your love and support over the years, I literally would not have made it without you!
**other kickass friends, Melissa, John Bu, Heather, King James, Kelsey - MANZY LOVE FOEVER!
**Of course, Eric, my best friend and my soulmate, I cannot wait to begin our journey together!

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