July 30, 2010

T-Minus 2 weeks..

Call me naive, but with only a email from a Korean recruiter named "ann" confirming that I do, in fact, have a position with SMOE working as a English Teacher with the Korean public school system, I have purchased my 800.00 one-way ticket to Seoul, South Korea on August 17th.

Its hard to describe the yoyo of emotions that I have been going through the past few months while I am trying to find a job on the other side of the world. Between the language barrier, deciding where I want to live, and mostly being super patient and flexible, I have been a bit of a mess, to say the least. I feel like I have been handling it pretty well except for my few breakdowns which blow over after a quick crying session with my mom. The packing is what is really getting to me. My whole life into 2 suitcases less than 70 lbs. whew. I did it but I have thrown out so much and given so much away I feel a little dizzy! What a great way to detox my life and become a simpler human being. It is refreshing and mostly terrifying to give away my life, yet is helping me discover what life really is all about. Not how good I look, (though I will still always look good:) or how many designer jeans I have. I want to be rich in experience. And thats about the only kind of rich I will ever be as a traveling English teacher. And I am soooo okay with that!! More stress releiving writing to come as the next few weeks I wait for my contract to actually come, get my visa and board that flight to my new life in South Korea!!

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