June 29, 2012

be yourself

Another sudden downpour and again it makes me smile.

It's Friday night and we have just begun to watch all of the Star Wars (this time seeing it like everyone else, starting with the first original) and its another exciting day in the life of this expat.

Tomorrow my good friend Tess is taking "engagment" pictures of us in the ancient town of Ayuttya and I am more nervous than a blushing bride should be. I am not known for my photogenic nature (thanks mom) and for some reason the camera is not fond of me. Thank god for photoshop I guess! Regardless, it will be a fun day of temple seeing and being tourists in our current home land. I am excited to see how the pictures turn out and even more excited for my August vacation during which we will be having a small wedding. On a private beach with a bungalow booked right on the sand, it will be simple and the day I have always envisioned. I do wish my family and friends were with us, but there is a time and place for everything...

Always a good thing to remember... 

(and try not to sweat too much.)


  1. What you are doing is my DREAM wedding!

    Can't wait to see your pictures! I'm sure you will look beautiful!

  2. Ellie, you're radiant!! No Photoshop needed ;)


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