April 17, 2012

Oh, Thailand...

In the last week I have

- fallen down a sewer
- hung out with Russian hookers
- slept in the worlds most uncomfortable bed
- flew through the jungle
- played in the worlds biggest water fight
- Eaten a lot of Indian food
- been ripped off by a so called "monk"
- had a fully naked massage including tit rubdown
- driven a motorbike to the top of a mountain
- drank beer at the worlds smallest bar
- broken two water guns
- swam in the ocean
- touched a bright red dildo in a guys pants
- sat in the back of a truck throwing ice water on little kids
- read the White Tiger
- eaten a lot of my favorite Thai food, khao soi
- been soaking wet for several hours
- actually been too tired to move
- bought 4 pairs of pants

My vacation is almost over and then it's back to school for another term :( but hey, at least it was an eventful one!


  1. Sounds like a pretty legit week :) Oh maaaaaaaan I want to do Songkran. Next year fo SURE!!

  2. Hahahahha tooo funny!! I love this. I hope you're enjoying the work world again and keeping yourself safe. It kinda sounds like you had a Julie Philippines vacation. I've been good. I got your message - I'm in Australia now, just roaming about making an adventure out of it. I came here on a year visa and am on week 3 now. I'm currently in Bowen which is a beach town up on the north eastern shore. I may be going to do some farming soon to get some more money to keep on trucking... I'll try to keep the blog updated - I think i need to rename it though huh?!


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