January 23, 2012

not fair...

I remember being a kid and asking my mom on Mother's day, why there was no childrens day? It doesn't seem fair that Mothers and Father's get a day all for themselves, especially since, it seemed to me at that age, that they got whatever they wanted all the time! Her answer was always the same, "everyday is Children's Day." I however, disagreed.

Now looking back, I see that it was pretty sweet being a kid, no responsibilities, you can run around and play all the time - but wait, I teach 5 year old kids and their life isn't all peaches; they have so much pressure on them to learn many important things, everyone tells them what to do (including me!) and they are always getting into trouble, they can never just be kids and do what they want to do. Being a kid sucks sometime since children grow up so fast these days and start studying and working very hard, very young.

I couldn't wait to grow up and be an adult so I could buy ice cream and soda pop and drink it whenever I wanted because I felt that is what my mom and dad always did. Now, I do buy ice cream and junk whenever I feel the urge at first just because I can. Turns out adults don't always just get to do whatever they want to either though... bummer. So it seems that it is kinda shitty to be a kid and an adult sometimes. But not on Children's Day (and I suppose adults do have our own respites as well...)

The point is, I am a avid supporter of Children's Day. They had it in Korea and they celebrate it here in Thailand as well, and I just don't understand why America - the land of spoiled children don't forget - doesn't have a day to celebrate Children!? What petition can I sign or courthouse can I protest (meh, maybe not, don't want to get pepper-sprayed) to get this silly oversight noticed. Children need a day to do nothing but have fun, to let loose and forget about the hardships of being a kid. We celebrated here at my school with a big carnival and games and prizes for the students. (plus a half day for the teachers!) Honestly it looked like a clown threw up all over our school but it was a fun day for the kids and much better than teaching...

(ps. the amount of time I spend with these kids and the amount of pictures I have of them is becoming increasingly overwhelming and it is confirmed: I am never having children, I am already raising 7!) Enjoy the fun cuteness!

I like to think he was drunk, aren't all clowns always drunk?

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