January 5, 2012

my little dragons

With the floods finally over, we have been able to move back to Nonthaburi and school has finally resumed. I am teaching Kindergartners and am so far (mostly) loving it! My kids are at the perfect age where they don't cry or poop their pants anymore, but are still pretty cute (especially when I compare them to my older Korean children) and are learning so much everyday.

Sometimes it totally freaks me out that these little kids depend on me to teach them things that they really will need to know one day, like how to be kind, how to add, to speak in English and about the world. People are trusting me to TEACH their children, I was barely trusted to talk to my students in Korea and only allowed to carry plates to fat Americans at my job in Arizona. Now I am responsible for 7 little minds and as much as I am challenging them by making them write short words and add how many goldfish there are on the plate, they are constantly testing me as well. Not a day goes by when I don't smile at something funny they say, and my students already tell me they love me daily. I just want to squeeze them til they turn blue, but in a good way! It is only week one, so maybe by the end of January I might be singing a different tune, it takes a LOT of work and energy to spend all day with these little ones. But at the end of the day I know I have usually done more good than bad and I sleep very well at night.

The kids are so photogenic I am sure I will be bombarding my blog with cute pics of them fairly often, so I apologize in advance but if you really hate kids and think these pictures are not cute, there is something wrong with you...

Little kid "wai" = cutest thing ever!
I spend 8 hours a day with these guys, we're gonna be besties!
I taught them how to walk in a line already!
B b b b
We did a little yoga class, with meditation of course...
So cute when they are quiet.
'London Bridge is falling down'

Maybe not my most interesting blog, but I am very excited to be teaching again, even if it is only the ABC's (read: motivation to find a school abroad to start my post grad studies!) and be back to normal life. I live in the suburbs, teach kindergarten, go home, go to the gym, eat, sleep and do it all again the next day. How boring and ordinary. And I love it (for now). Who woulda thought!?

Happy New Year to my loved ones, near and far! I hope 2012 is the best year yet (because it may be our last!) Peace and Love blog world xox

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