August 22, 2011

my life = ♥

Sitting stooped on footstool, surrounded by hundreds of laughing locals sipping lemon ice tea and spitting sweet sunflower seeds that compliment each other perfectly, its a perfect hot and sticky night in Hanoi. I knew as soon as I arrived I was going to love it here. The busy streets with motorbikes weaving in and out like swarming bees, the honks from people trying to make their self known, the tall thin buildings towering the travelers and conical shaped hats below.  I don't think I am in Korea anymore. 

The sun shines more, the people smile more, the beer is better and more roosters crow in the morning. This is definitely not Seoul. 

I'll admit, I'm a little Korea-sick, I miss kimchi like no ones business, and it is quite amazing how used to my life I got there. But my love affair with Asia has continued, and Vietnam has so much to entertain my senses, its hard to be too emotional about everything I left behind on the peninsula. I am discovering a land that up until a short time ago was riddled with war and not even considered as a vacation destination for earlier generations. 

So much to see, and we are taking our time. After spending a few days in Ha Long Bay, sleeping on a "junk" and trekking through the jungle, we are back in Hanoi, a city you could spend weeks exploring, getting our lives sorted before heading south on a 14 hour bus ride to central Vietnam where some serious beach time is the only thing on our schedule. 

China was amazing, Vietnam is beyond breathtaking and we have so much more to do. Daily I take a look at my life and think how lucky I am to be here, in that moment, in this place, living my dream. I cannot begin to explain how right this feels. 

Socialism looks good on Vietnam, somehow they have come so far from the devastation that once wrecked the dragon nation. All is well in this corner of the world, I hope my loved ones in all the other corners are happy and at peace as well. 


  1. So glad to hear you are enjoying your travels... I can't wait to hear more! Have fun in the sun... Korea actually showed a bit of the sun last week believe it or not!

  2. Wow I wish I can travel like you.. have fun!!


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