June 28, 2011

yellow fever

I've got it. Bad.

How did this happen to me? I don't know but I am sure glad it did...

Been watching Taeyang music videos all day while deskwarming

(you can't tell me he is not gorgeous and be serious...)

also bought some socks with Taeyang on them this weekend (exhibit A) and am pretty excited about going to this concert (Taeyang and G-Dragon and TOP, oh my!) in August.

Who would have thought I would love Korea (and their sexy men!) so much, getting so sad to leave!!


  1. OH SNAP GIRL Taeyang is my faaaaav. Have you seen that boy shirtless?? Totally makes up for the fact that he's like 5'6" ;)

  2. So he's helping with your sock phobia? I've gotta say I've never had yellow fever, I think I must be immune. He's just not my cup of tea...


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