May 8, 2011

Everybody gets their day

May 8th in Korea is technically called Parents Day, they sell small baskets of flowers and children who were just spoiled on May 5th for children's day show their parents a little love. I really wish I had children's day when I was a kid but my mom used to say, "Everyday is children's day!"  Kids here got the day off school (and so did I so no complaining here) and were spoiled with fun activities and gifts and today families were out celebrating in the sunshine. It is a beautiful week to be in Seoul.

Being an American traditional gal, I still celebrate mothers and fathers on separate days. Inspired by a friend, I decided to make a video for my mom for her special day this year. It was a fun project and I was so excited with the final product, I have to share. Happy Mother's day Mom:)

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