May 12, 2011

buddha, buddha.

Crossed a couple things off my Korean bucket list last weekend... With a 6 day holiday for children's day and Buddha's birthday, Seoul celebrated in style with parades, festivals and lanterns. (It is funny to think about schools in America having a national holiday to celebrate Buddha's birthday, I think not.) Trying to enjoy every last minute here and this long weekend was an epic one! I just can't get enough of meeting new friends and discovering things about the world that I have only read about in books. Now if I can only catch up on some sleep...

                 Buddha's Birthday Parade 

  Lanterns at Jogyesa Temple

   Some lanterns a nice monk gave us :)
                                                                    Tibetan Monks

  We got to get dressed up in traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok   한복 which they wear in weddings. It was a lot of fun!

  -- Cheonggyecheon

 Locks at N'Seoul Tower. We put our own lock there too ‎♥

 N'Seoul Tower

It is amazing how I never tire of exploring Seoul, what a great city it is!                 Be well ~

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