April 22, 2011

open class.

So, I moved to Korea and supposedly I teach children English, but where is the proof you say? My pictures are mostly of fun escapades and cute children playing around, what actual English do I teach them? How is it possible that someone like me could be a teacher?! (Let's just say if I can do, so can you)

Well, we had an open class last week where other teachers and the principal came to watch us co-teach our 5th graders. It is a grand idea in theory except for they tell you 2 weeks in advance so that we had tons of time to prepare, practice and make materials, meaning this class was much better than normal. If only we put this much effort into EVERY lesson, they might actually learn something (I kid, I kid, are lessons are usually good enough and my kids love to use their English skills with me.)

In public schools a lot of what you teach is straight from the textbook, repeating terrible dialogue by awful actors. Many days it is the bane of my existence and I would rather scratch my eyes out than watch Nami and Jinho look for her pencil under the table one more time. Other days, it is a life saver when I have been slacking and have nothing planned for class. You win some and lose some I guess. Either way it's my job and I do what I am told, I have no choice. 

Just wanted to share with family and friends at home what I do every day and show potential teachers moving to Korea how simple it is! I'm not great at it and am not claiming this is a perfect class, nor that what I am teaching is exciting (this is only 3 minutes and you'll probably be bored, just imagine my poor students, they have 40 minutes of this! Although I do supplement the textbook with fun games and videos as well.) Check out me teaching below and please don't laugh:)


  1. melissa Fortenberry April 22, 2011 at 4:25 PM

    AWWW LIZ you are soo cute with those little nuggets!!!! I miss you so much!

  2. thanks mel! so happy for you moving to the east, lets have a skype date when you get settled out there and include the original nugget:) love you!

  3. That's so cool! Damn glad I know English, so much goes into it I can't even imagine trying to learn it.

  4. Seriously Joe, I feel so bad for these kids, its sooo hard with all our stupid "well i am not really sure why but it just is" rules! Haha if only they knew how many dumbassses really spoke it back in the states:) Thanks for reading Joe, I miss you and I hope your doing well!!


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