March 10, 2011

you know your in korea when...

Inspired by a forum post on I want to share some of the funniest weird things about Korea that all 외국인 will experience during their time in this wonderfully bizarre land...

...scissors are an eating utensil.
...Cell phones ring and are answered no matter what the situation, during class, in the restroom, at church, in a school wide meeting...and usually with a K-PoP ringtone.
...Asking your blood type is not a weird question!
...8 0 year old ajumas hike up the mountain faster than you..
...there's no toilet paper or paper towels in the restroom, but there is toilet paper on the tables in restaurants... start staring at other foreigners.
...The washing machine's spin cycle is considered a dryer and takes 3 hours.
... you use the "Etiquette Box" in the toilet(and call it toilet) with the rushing water to drown out the sound.. genius! but DO NOT TRUST THE TOILETS WITH ALL THE BUTTONS!!?!!
... you see men wearing pink shirts and it's okay.
... you see girls/women holding hands and are not considered lesbians.
... you pick your seats at the movie theater when you buy the tickets.
...the school bell sounds like an ice cream van.
...when you notice there is no kimchi side dish with your meal... and secretly wish there was. start brushing your teeth in your office while logged into Waygook (guilty!)

check out the whole post here, it gave me a few good laughs, oh korea....

[Heading down to Busan tonight on the KTX (only takes 2.5 hours!) to sit on the beach, check out some temples and generally enjoy the warmer temperature since Seoul is being a stubborn frigid bitch! ]

check out roketship for some HILARIOUS comics too!

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  1. good ones...I'll add a couple
    You know you are in Korea when:

    Umbrellas are used as protection against the sun and Radioactive rain more than water

    Women use face whitening rather than darkening cream

    Disposable underwear are a common health and beauty item


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