June 20, 2011

home run balls

I thought you could not get more American than baseball but turns out Asia really knows how to do baseball right! A lively crowd, sexy "cheerleader"/dancers, and you can bring in anything you want including fried chicken, beer, and snacks from a convenience store (but you can also buy all that there, for basically the same price as on the outside - no robbery from the stadium trying to get more of your money after you already bought overpriced tickets.) 

Hotdog at Wrigley Field = 8.50, Coke at Diamondback stadium = 6.00, noisemaker horn at Mets game = 15.00, going to a game in Korea and drinking 2.50 Cass = priceless!

Some photos of a game I went to with some friends from school, Doosan Bears (Seoul's team) won!

Fuck cans of beer, I want it on tap and I don't want to get up!
Slap these bad boys together and you get a noise (sort of) and everyone else is doing it so you better too...
Doosan scored a grand slam! (seriously, it was pretty cool)
Go girl!
I thought the scoreboard in Korean was humorous. 
 Popular snack for baseball games (Delicious little puff pastries with chocolate in them, obviously) which are quite literally called "home run balls" in Korean. Yum.


  1. Looks like a blast. I've been wanting to go to a game for awhile now. Did you get tickets in advance or were you able to buy them at the stadium?


  2. My Korean friend bought them for us online, if you can read Korean I would do it that way otherwise you can buy tickets at the stadium, it was no where near full. Go before you head home for sure! Its a really fun/weird experience!


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