April 6, 2011

Reason #1 why I love my job...

Went out last night to celebrate a good friendship and have my last drink of alcohol for a month (after eye surgery it is recommended to not drink because the blood vessels in your eyes swell when you do) and I never go out on school nights. Woke up on time for school (if my normal 10 minutes before I need to leave is "on time") with only a slight hangover which is a surprise after that bottle of Cook's Champagne! I taught 5 classes this morning, with the students doing roles plays (ie. I don't have to do much) and am now getting ready to head up to the nurses office for a little cat nap. Nothing wrong with that in Korea, they all do it. Totally one bandwagon I will jump onto! Naps are the best thing ever created, hands down.

Don't worry, I'll sleep tight with sweet dreams:)


  1. Hello. My wife and I might be moving to Seoul. Found your blog on a Google search for "American Expat Seoul". I have a son who is 3 and we want to find him a school to attend. Might you have any suggestions?

  2. Hi Keith - Thanks for reading, good to know google likes me:)

    Why is your family considering Seoul? Will you be teaching here? Public schools in Korea require students to speak Korean as they teach in Korean so unless your son speaks it your best bet would be either a private institute (called Hagwons, although these normally specialize in teaching English) or an international school (check out www.seoulacademy.net or www.eclcseoul.com which are recommended by HiSeoul -http://english.seoul.go.kr) These schools will be able to teach your son in preschool if he knows only English and maybe since he is so young he can also learn Korean, depending how long you plan on being in the country.. I will ask some teachers in my office if they have any other suggestions. Thanks again for reading Keith, hope I helped a little!

  3. Thanks for the quick response. I am a contractor and might be involved with the Yongsan Relocation Program for a couple of years. We're pretty excited about it as we've been in Kuwait the past 18 months and there isn't much for him to do here. He needs parks and greenery! Wife might teach if she can find a part-time gig. Are there a lot of opportunities for that?

  4. Tons! She could work privately teaching lessons, with a private academy called a Hagwon (which pay well but can be sketchy sometimes so make sure she does her research before signing any contract) or after school program. My advice is to get here and look around and talk to people about the best opportunities. They are really easy to find once your actually here. I work for a public school so I don't know much about the good, reputable places to work for.

    There are so many beautiful places for your son to play here, you will love it! Especially now that the weather is nice!


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