March 28, 2011


My dreams have finally came true. I have been wanting to check out a so called "Cat Cafe" since I learned such a place existed but didn't know where to begin the search. Thankfully a friend who is also cat crazy (or wait, I may be the only crazy one) showed me the ropes at the kitty cat heaven in Gangnam (near American Apparel out exit 6, there is usually a guy dressed in a cat costume at the exit, he knows where to go.) I can honestly say it was everything I had hoped and wished for, plus more. Hot chocolate and a zillion cats napping, and frolicking about, well mostly napping. Until the rightly named "Cat-father" brought out the chicken that is. That is when the real action began. They were everywhere, over your head, under your feet, on the table, all the prepositions in the book! It was madness I tell you, and I loved every minute of it.

For a person who loves animals, especially cats, like I do, this is the place for you. Usually when out and about I befriend all the stray animals I can find, we all need a little loving. The alley cats in my neighborhood have a different idea of love and they do not want to cuddle like my Philippina island cat, Ginger. Although these cats were a little stuck up if you ask me (not that you did, what a creepy blog about cats this is turning out to be) since they are all pure bred and used to being adored. Some wouldn't give you the time of day. Others just needed a little patience and a safe haven from all the ruckus and they were all over your down coat. Cats have such different personalities you see...... oh geez, this is getting sadder by the sentence.

Check out a cat cafe, you probably won't get fleas.

the crazy cat lady

I made myself right at home....

We made a new friend, he really liked Hadley, and her down coat...

So dang cute!!

Thanks ms. Hadley Elizabeth for the lovely photos of all the cats :)

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  1. Sounds like the place to be! Wish I could visit.


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