October 20, 2010

Childhood is gone..

I stood in a 3rd grade classroom playing an interactive Mario game with my students, the shouts drowning the thoughts that were racing through my head, which are now impossible to ignore.

Being a child is such a blessing, so much that you don't realize it until you are all grown up and have more emotions in a minute than you had before your 12th birthday. The beginning of each day starts anew and is unaffected by the previous days events and the bliss of playing outside and having your brother as your best friend is a really great way to live. No worries, no responsibilities, no hate and war exists in a child's world, only endless summer days and snack times.

When you are a kid, everything seems perfect, but it can't stay that way forever and nothing is actually perfect. Somehow, that little bubble you have lived in for so many years can burst expectantly and cause the world as you know it to crumble around you. For some, a strong few, this happens very young, so that childhood is never really a reality to them. For others, myself included, childhood seems like a far distant memory filled with laughter, candy and love, only in my dreams.

Life is not like it seems when you are young, and nothing happens the way you think it will. All at the same time, this is the best thing that could happen, and the worst. You become a strong, independent person who can handle anything yet yearn for what once was. For when life was simple and pure and your cat was just a kitten and your dad was always around. Does this teach us how to be legitimate adults or just fool us into thinking idealistically, only so we can cope with the shit.

Either way, life will never be the same, yesterday, today and in 100 days. Parts of your childhood may cling on, but eventually they too, will pass. And you will grow up deal with the shit and become a wiser person than you were when you were a kid. But they say ignorance is bliss, and some days I like to agree.

*** I hope you have all the food you can eat in heaven fatty, and that dad is up there kickin you around, and cuddling you when no one is looking :) RIP

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