September 10, 2010

rain rain go away...

It has been raining here for about 2 days straight, just pouring! I even taught my class the term, raining cats and dogs... Teaching is becoming easier and easier as I work through problems with each lesson and discover what works and what doesn't. The students are adorable and as I walk around the halls, every single one says, Hi Ellie Teacher! They just light up and tell me how beautiful I am, blah blah. It is getting a bit overwhelming that people complement me so often, I have never felt like I am uniquely pretty or anything but I have discovered it is mostly because of two cultural reasons 1. My blonde hair and blue eyes are completely foreign to them and many have never seen someone like me before. 2. Koreans are VERY superficial. They value beauty, fashion and appearances far over more important issues, a fact I was very surprised about. I can't say it is not flattering but I wish my co teacher would say, We are so lucky to have you because your such a great English teacher, but that is not usually the case...

Korean's also have a cultural epidemic referred to as "English Fever". Many other countries, China, Japan etc., have this syndrome as well and it is intense once you experience it first hand. As I type, I am watching a show on Discovery, the only English channel on my TV (which totally rocks, until a swamp truckers marathon comes on), about this strong desire to learn English in China before the Olympics. They gather in large groups and yell inspirational words in English, talking about how their lives will be so much better if they know English. It really is amazing that so many people here are trying to learn English in order to better their lives, when I really know the truth... that some of the dumbest people in the world speak English and the only good thing to come to them is Jersey Shore.

All in all, Korean people are very kind and fun, except for the occasional grumpy old lady who barks at you when your just walking down the street (really that has happened to me). They try very hard to practice their English when you look lost on the subway or wander into their shop to buy some cigarettes. I love Korea and its rich culture mixed into this modern urban setting. It is confusing, interesting, wonderful and frustrating and I am so happy all these condescending words can come together and describe my life. I would have it no other way!

I hope you are all living life to the fullest and telling someone you love them every chance you get! Sending thoughts of peace and love from the city of Seoul ♥


  1. i love your writing you should write a book someday, or maybe you can be my ghost writer for my "Lifetime" movie script. love you, mom

  2. I love your writing too, you should consider writing a book.

  3. Isn't is sick how we are the most unwelcoming country yet everyone wants to be a part of us? We demand that when immigrants come to America that they must learn English, or they wont get buy... But when we go to other countries, they are so eager to help us and speak to us in our own language!
    I'm glad things are getting better! I love you SO much!!


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