September 23, 2010

I need a place to write down all the randoms that pop into my head, too bad it is completely useless shit that i forget about 20 seconds later...

just a few thoughts..

i am eating grapes asian style right now, by peeling off the skins. cause lets face it, they are way better that way. yay for korea and their grape eating techniques.

random thought #2. i think one day a year, or once a month would be better, the subway should have a noribong night. thats right, disco ball, microphones, and the words to don't stop believin' instead of the subway stops on the screen. It takes everything I have to not get up and dance all down the isles when I'm jammin out to some Prince on my ipod. Just sayin, it is a grand idea, I would ride that train all night long!

♥ such a BEAUTIFUL day in Seoul and tomorrow is going to be even more lovely! Life is just peachy!

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