October 8, 2012


i need something to brighten my mood on this rainy, ugly, dark and damp Monday morning. Rainy season is in full swing here and there is nothing worse than waking up to a down pour and then having to drive in it on a scooter to get to work. Days like today are days your supposed to stay in bed.

There is always a bright spot after the rain...

Happy Labor day to all the lucky Americans who don't have to go to work today. Be thankful everyday that you don't have to go to work 6 days a week 15 hours a day and get paid basically nothing, like most of the workers in Thailand. Be mindful every day that you are so lucky to live the life you live. I know I need to more so. {update: so i guess it was columbus day or something? so many silly holidays America...}

photos via weheartit.com and pinterest.com


  1. ah, such a good message to remember. i needed this today too!

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos to change the mood! Thanks for visiting my blog, I've got you in my RSS and can't wait to discover you!


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