May 27, 2011


Seriously, I don't know what I would do without you Friday. Even my students today remembered when I asked them what day of the week it was, "Ellie teacher, your favorite day!" (I felt a little bad though, since they have school tomorrow...)

Just got done reading and responding to about 300 journals written in barely English, it's a good thing I adore my students or I would have just about thrown them out the window. I posted a couple of my favorite for your viewing pleasure, honestly I can't even say how much I love my students this semester. And they love me too as they tell me all the time. One girl tells me literally every time I see her (which is several times a day since I walk down her hallway to get to my classroom) "Ellie teacher I love you!" Oh Min, I love you too.  How many people in the world love their job as much as I do? Not many, I'd say. 

Regardless, Friday finds me wiped out and completely drained, emotionally and physically. This full time job stuff is hard. I have never been able to fall asleep as quickly as I can now. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

Should be a weekend for the books though, as it is Eric's last in Seoul so we are heading to a town outside of Seoul for some spicy chicken, waterfalls, islands and zip lines. So much to do, so little time! 

All's well that ends well, hope it is sun-shining wherever you are :)

 She is very beautiful :)
I feel you there girl..

This is wrong on many levels. 
Seriously, I love you too Min  ‎♥

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