April 13, 2011

well rounded.

I cannot drink alcohol for a month (don't really want to either, only 4 months left and still so much left to do!) so I have been filling my weekends with plays, festivals, dinners, shopping and sightseeing. Last weekend was the Vagina Monologues, (which I had never seen and it was amazing) and this weekend a friend is starring in Macbeth in Myeongdong so we will spend our Saturday night getting a little culture. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom now so Sunday will be spent outside on Yeoi-do (do=island, this being a small one in the middle of the Han river, connected on the subway line) enjoying the trees and fresh air.. or nuclear fallout from Japan, whatever. Other things on my sober Korean bucket list before I leave in 18 weeks (124 days and nights to fill, not that I'm counting):

- get tattoo
- Deadmau5 - in May (probably not sober for this one...)
- Lotus Lantern Festival - Buddah's birthday !
- Get some good hiking in, there are some great mountains in and around Seoul.
- Check out a Korean baseball game
- Seoul Grand park (and zoo!)
- Seoul land or Everland, I can't decide...
- Sit outside of Family mart and drink 막걸리 (maybe this list isn't that sober...)
- Lots more volunteering with PLUR
- plus many more memories with the great people I have met here :)

Lots to look forward to and then onwards to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand!

Can't even explain how happy these blue skies are making me (and it's even better now that I can wear my new Ray Bans while basking in the sunshine!)

Lifeisgood in Seoul!


  1. That 4 months is gonna fllllyyyyyyyy sister! Savor every last second!!

    Also, I ♥ your bucket list. The lantern festival and mudfest are two of my best memories in Korea!

    Also, one of my friends in in Macbeth! And another one volunteers with PLUR on Sundays! Foreigner community FTW!

    Miss you. Come visit home, someday.

  2. I just discovered your blog, and I really love it! Thanks for sharing your stories.... from a fellow waygookin.

  3. Hey Nicole, thanks very much! Checked out your blog and it is really interesting as well:) Your from Portland I see? I am from a small town about 40 min east in the Columbia Gorge! We seem to have a lot in common!


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