November 15, 2010


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well really life is all about searching for what it's all about and my blog is a constant reminder of that...

but also since I am fairly new to this whole "blog" thing in general I am trying on many different looks, if you will, trying to find the right fit and trying to figure out how everyone else makes theirs look so dang good! Please bear with me while I constantly change things around, it will happen probably far too often and my poor korean students will really be the ones suffering from this, since I SHOULD be lesson planning right now! Meh, that's what is for huh :)

If anyone has any good websites or ideas how to make my blog more tech savvie I would appreciate the tips! Hope the world is having a wonderful week!

And thanks to everyone who made my birthday last weekend so special.. great moments I will never forget and many that I will never remember!

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  1. = amazing. All their layouts are pimp :)


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